Jane’s Report

The Project

The client was looking to recreate a site she had owned years ago, with a more intuitive backend and slightly updated look.

The Process

Based on a single screenshot of the client’s original homepage, I created some basic wireframes and planned out functionality and layout requirements. The base theme was a custom build I had been working on, which combined SASS, Bootstrap, and the Underscores framework. For this project, I trimmed some of the unnecessary extras to reduce clutter; customized the post terminology, layout, and display to present as “newspaper articles” rather than blog posts; and created some custom shortcodes and other functions to streamline the posting process.

Great College Advice

The Project

Provided with basic wireframes and a laundry list of requested features, this site demanded my full attention. The client was looking for a brand new site that would stand out with varying functionality and layouts, but still be simple to use and easy to update.

The Process

I began with a fresh grandchild theme plugin, to go along with the pre-purchased premium themes; overwriting and tweaking widget areas and styling was a must. The homepage alone sported over a dozen separate widget areas, each with unique functionality and styling, and some with CSS3 and jQuery effects thrown in. I created CPTs to populate the slick.js slider, as well as two sections for custom posts. While Services, Success Stories, and the Blog shared some basic similarities and drew on some of the same functionality, but they each demanded their own workflow, featuring custom pagination, metabox-driven optional content areas, page-specific widgets, and, of course, intensive, interactive styling.







CO Chamber Players

The Project

This last-minute project came across my plate less than 48 hours before it was due for review by the client. The goal was to create a customized theme, actually a grandchild theme plugin, based off the previously-purchased premium themes currently installed. The primary focus was a user-customizable homepage with slider and clickable features.

The Process

I started off by creating a bare-bones theme plugin to match the website layout and styling to the provided PSD mockup. Next step was to implement a responsive slider utilizing slick.js and a new CPT to allow for admin customization; specialized site content was handled by custom widget areas and shortcodes.



Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Association of Colorado

The Project

The board was looking to freshen up their look — previously, they had a frustrating, non-responsive, table-based site built by some CS students, and it was horribly out of date. I stepped in and volunteered to give them an entire new website and look, built with the easy-to-use CMS, WordPress. The board wanted a simplistic layout, utilizing a warm neutral color scheme, with no superfluous bells and whistles.

The Process

I started with a completely clean WP install on a testing server, copying over just enough of the old content to get some styling going (since there would later be extensive content updates). I went with a classic, responsive layout, with just a dash of shortcodes and minor custom functionality to ease content updates, without making it too confusing for the client, who had no former WP experience. With an open-ended scope and no set design going in, I experimented with a few different looks and went through some back-and-forth with the board to arrive on the new look, which has been instrumental in helping the board keep their members updated about their activities.