True Nature Healing Arts

The Project

The client requested a full site redesign; they wanted to transition from a single-page scroll effect to a multiple-page layout, as well as keeping much of same look, while adding a fresh injection of styling updates.

The Process

The layout conversion was a relatively simple matter, requiring a number of menu and widget reorganizations as well as modifications of redirects to prevent links continuing to point to the main page. The new menu was built as a fixed-positioned collapsible and scrollable sidebar, which was loaded as open or closed depending on the page, and on mobile screens expanded to a full-width overlay. Functionality additions featured full-width custom section headers, both images and video – the video elements expanding in place on click interaction – as well as page-specific sidebars, widget areas, and menus.





True Nature Healing Arts

The Project

The client requested a series of tweaks to the template of their MailChimp-based newsletter.

The Process

Due to the extensive nature of the changes, I created a new template, with customized content blocks, and a mixed layout of multiple columns and full-width single-columns.


Center for ReSource Conservation – Conservation for All

The Project

As a secondary site to the main CRC shop, CFA would handle charitable donations to help low-income families get what they need to improve their housing. The new shop would feature a customized WooCommerce integration and specialized, admin-controllable content areas and layouts.

The Process

Utilizing custom admin options, metaboxes, and widget areas, I gave the shop a whole new look to match the designed PSD mockup. Each product was built with separate titles and info to differentiate their displays on archive listings and individual product pages. Customizing pricing output and overall functionality of the WC extensions for subscriptions and add-ons allowed for a unique user purchasing experience, with parallel jQuery and CSS to cover all the bases, regardless of browser choice.







Center for ReSource Conservation

The Project

The client was looking to update their shop and overall website, involving extensive WooCommerce customizations as well as styling and general functionality updates. This was an ongoing project, with new requests coming in regularly for tweaks and new features.

The Process

The WooCommerce functionality on the site required a serious overall, from custom admin options, CPTs, and metaboxes, to customizing the workflow of WC extensions. The client requested the ability to control via the admin the “out of stock” message and placement, a customer referral checkout section, multiple areas of text in the shop header, as well as pull half a dozen different custom CSV exports of their order data.




Hug A Hunter

The Project

The client requested a number of theme updates, including new functionality, styling tweaks, and content updates.

The Process

The largest piece of this overhaul consisted of a jQuery-driven modal popup which would redirect users to various locations on the featured section on their site; the display of the popup relies on a custom JS cookie. The featured section necessitated the creation of a CPT to hold special post metadata and content, which was displayed on a single page with social sharing items attached to each.